A British journalist kidnapped by “Daesh” in Syria appears in Mosul

BAGHDAD / "Daesh" terrorist organization broadcasted a video on his accounts on social networking sites where the British journalist kidnapped in Syria four years ago, John Kintela shown alive in the city of Mosul.

The propaganda video, which bears the slogan "Depths" Agency of the terrorist organization shows "Kintela, speaking in English in front of the camera in the news report is similar to other videos previously appeared in them.

He did not specify the date of issuance of the tape, but the destroyed bridge, which appeared behind Kintela confirms that he has conducted over the past few weeks, during which the international coalition led by the United States destroyed a number of bridges in the center of Mosul in support of Iraqi forces.

Kintela was kidnapped with fellow journalist James Foley while covering the war in Syria in November 2012, and the "Daesh" terrorist organization executed Foley, while Kintela appeared as a correspondent reporting on the terrorist organization./End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency