Maliki From Babylon: Iraq’s Strength Lies In The Multiplicity Of Minorities And Respect Them

Babylon - Vice President of the Republic Nuri al-Maliki during his visit to Babylon and his meeting with tribal sheikhs confirmed that: "The strength of Iraq comes from the multiplicity of minorities and respect them."

"Iraq has lived for hundreds of years in unity despite its multi-ethnic and religious diversity," Maliki said in a speech at a tribal gathering in Hilla.

He added: "It is necessary today to move towards building Iraq and the liberated areas and rely on international assistance in the speed of completion of the work," adding: "Iraq will face a major challenge in this regard because of the financial crisis experienced by the fluctuation of the global oil prices, and the complex problems that resulted from terrorism gave rise to wounds that need to unite everyone and the wisdom to deal with them.

Maliki said: "The Iraqi political scene, with the approach of the elections, which its results will be very important, a lot will suffer, but the strength of the National Alliance and the strength of the partners in the political process will be a great incentive to overcome the crisis," calling on all parties, including the Iraqi tribes, to participate in the upcoming elections and to choose the best and most appropriate to lead Iraq in the next phase, where Iraq will need a united strong government with a political majority in the Iraqi parliament and those who oppose the government can resort to the opposition.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency