Rockets, Explosive Belt Found and IEDs Defused Outskirts Of Baghdad

| November 12, 2016

BAGHDAD / Baghdad Operations Command announced the discovery of rockets and explosive belt and defusing explosive devices outskirts of Baghdad. "

According to a statement of leadership of BOC "the security forces carried out inspection operation in Al-Hora area north of Baghdad, and found a hideout for the enemy contain an explosive belt, weapons, mortar shells, and a homemade gun-made type (Kilafa) in Abbas al-Ersan in al-Kark area, while another force manage to clear Tamimi River within Abu Ghraib sector, and defused (23) explosive devices. "

The statement added, "The security forces carried out inspection al-Muthhiria area within south of Baghdad sector, and found weapons and (4) various hand grenades, and another force found in Alimiah area within south of Baghdad sector 9 different grenades, and charges of bombing."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

Category: Politics

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