2 Convicts, Participated In The Attack On Abu Ghraib Prison In 2013, Sentenced To Death

Baghdad The Central Criminal Court in the presidency of Baghdad-Rusafa Federal Appeal Court issued a death sentence by hanging to death against two convicts who attacked Abu Ghraib prison in 2013.

The media center of the Supreme Judicial Council stated in a statement that the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) received a copy of it: “The two convicts attacked Abu Ghraib prison with other defendants with various weapons and explosives in order to release prisoners affiliated with terrorist gangs.”

It added, “The attack led to the death of a number of prison employees and the serious injury of others,” pointing out that “the court found sufficient evidence to criminalize the convicts in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of the Anti-Terrorism Law No. 13 of 2005.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency