(20) terrorists arrested during the past twenty-four hours

Baghdad The Security Media Cell announced the arrest of (20) terrorists during the past twenty-four hours.

The Cell stated in a statement that the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / received a copy of it that following to yesterday’s statement, and after the arrest of (14) terrorists during the past twenty-four hours by the heroes in the anti-terrorism apparatus, the apparatus’s formations continued their qualitative operations on the remnants of ISIS gangs in the Iraqi governorates, in which the apparatus was able to carry out a new attack, which resulted in the arrest of (6) members of the Takfiri gangs of ISIS and thwarting another attempt to blow up electric power towers.

It added, “the forces of the authorities set out at dawn today with their arrival towards the governorates of (Diyala – Kirkuk – Salah al-Din), where (3) wanted terrorists were arrested by the anti-terrorism Agency.”

It continued, “the 22nd Brigade of the 6th Division of the valiant Iraqi army thwarted an attempt to blow up the energy towers in the north of the capital, Baghdad – Taji district, after intelligence information from the anti-terrorism Agency.”

It pointed out: “The knights of the apparatus continue their distinguished cooperation with the Asayish of the Kurdistan Region – Sulaymaniyah Governorate, after the arrest of (3) members of ISIS terrorist gangs. The number of terrorists who were arrested reached (20) elements in less than 48 hours.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency