A Govt Official In Diyala: The Assassinations In Muqdadiya Are An Extension Of The Expansion Of Organized Crime

Baquba The acting mayor of Muqdadiya of Diyala Governorate, Hatem Al-Tamimi, confirmed that the assassinations in the district are an extension of the expansion of organized crime with the possibility of weak political motives behind them.
He told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / today that the assassinations in Muqdadiya district, northeast of Baquba, are due to the weakness of public order and the absence of security control, which caused questions about the parties responsible for the assassinations that affect simple segments far from any social, governmental or security center. He ruled out the existence of sectarian motives or sectarian revenge operations behind the assassinations, which vanished more than 8 years ago, but are limited in villages and hotspots far from the center of the district.

Al-Tamimi stressed that most of the residents of Muqdadiya who left the city seek to create a strong economic environment to fulfill their financial obligations and not to escape the assassinations.

Al-Muqdadiya district is witnessing assassinations affecting different social segments, amid weak security, the absence of treatments, and the failure to disclose their causes and motives to public opinion

Source: National Iraqi News Agency