A major fire broke out in a factory near the Iranian capital, Tehran

Baghdad Iranian official media reported, on Monday, that a large-scale fire broke out in a factory on the highway linking the cities of Karaj and the capital, Tehran.

Spokesman for the Tehran Municipality Fire Department, Jalal Maleki, said in a press statement, that a large-scale fire broke out in a warehouse or factory on the road to the city of Karaj, west of the capital, Tehran.

Maleki added that the firefighters are now at the scene, without providing further information about the extent of losses and damages.

He pointed out that the smoke emanating from this fire is visible from long distances, but he did not reveal more details about the fire.

For its part, Tasnim News Agency quoted local sources as saying: The fire broke out in several warehouses, roofs and stores.

The city of Karaj, which is the center of Alborz province in northern Iran, includes many factories and warehouses, and is located 20 kilometers west of Tehran.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency