A suspect who killed a man, his wife and their four children arrested in Baghdad

Baghdad Baghdad police arrested a suspect in the killing of a man, his woman and their four children in Baghdad.

A statement by the Ministry of Interior stated, “after a horrific murder occurred, a man, his wife and four sons were killed, and their fifth daughter was seriously injured, within the responsibility sector of the southern Rashid police station. Immediately, the Baghdad police chief supervised the investigation and directed the formation of a specialized work team headed by the Karkh police Director and the membership of the Mahmudiya police department Director and the officer of the center to deepen the investigation, where the work team was able to unravel the threads of the crime and reach the perpetrator.

The statement added, “the perpetrator, who turned out to be the son of the victim’s first wife, collapsed after confronting him with evidence and confessed to committing this heinous crime. The weapon used in the crime was seized and his confession was recorded in preparation for taking the necessary legal measures against him in accordance with the law.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency