A Terrorist Killed In Kirkuk

Kirkuk A security source in Kirkuk announced the death of a terrorist after chasing him in the south of the province.

The source said that a force from the Fifth Division of the Federal Police under the command of Brigadier General (Khairallah Mohsen Fandi), where the force chased a group of ISIS terrorist gangs, within the 18th Brigade sector in the village of (Lsan) belonging to the Rashad district, 65 km south of Kirkuk, and the terrorist (Abu Qaisar al-Lahibi) was killed at the hands of the force above and they are searched for others.

It is noteworthy that the terrorist Firas Salih Oklah Kati’a Al-Lhaibi, nicknamed Abu Qaiser, was born in 1990 in the district of Abdullah bin Kulthum (Al-Rashad).

Source: National Iraqi News Agency