Baghdad The Head of the administrative body of the Air Force Sports Club, Lieutenant-General Shihab Jahid, announced his resignation from his position.

Jahid said that his resignation from his position was caused by the lack of seriousness on the part of some members of the administrative body in naming a coach to lead the hawks.

He added that there are people inside the club who comply with the wishes of some of the fans who seek to interfere when the name of each coach is presented to lead the football team.

He pointed out that interference in the work of the administrative body is rejected by him, and if interference in the time of the previous administrations was allowed, now the situation has changed and the administration must take its role and is the first responsible for choosing the coach, rejecting all interventions that try to obstruct the club’s march, as efforts culminated in the crowning of the league and cup titles in previous season.

He concluded his speech by saying I wish the Falcons success in the Super Cup match, and my love and pride for the fans who supported the team throughout the previous period.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency