Al-Baldawi: Many Files Are Out Of Control And Legislative Oversight

Baghdad The MP of Al-Fateh Alliance, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, confirmed today, Tuesday, that: “Many files have gone out of control and legislative oversight” noting that “the beginning of next month a new legislative term will begin, and the government must finish what it started during the coming period.”

Al-Baldawi said in a press statement: There is money that has begun to be spent on governorates and shrines, in addition many files get out of control and legislative oversight, especially after the abolition of the offices of general inspectors and the abolition of provincial councils, which negatively affected the direction of reducing corruption.”

He added that: During this period, corruption and manipulation of public money became rampant, and to limit this, parliament sessions must continue, in addition to completing the interrogation and hosting files, including the Prime Minister.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency