Al-Dayni: The scenario of the previous elections has become clear and a close meeting to determine whether the next elections will be held or not

Baghdad Member of Parliament, Nahida Al-Dayni, confirmed that: The scenario of the previous elections has become clear if the next elections will take place.

She told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): There is a meeting soon and important decisions regarding the elections and whoever talks about the existence of elections must collect the Iraqis and impose the prestige of the law because what happened from the 2018 scenario will return.

She added that: political money, government support, harnessing ministries, provincial revenues and some service agencies is the winning factor during these elections.

She explained that: The lack of participation of the Sadrist movement, which is a party that cannot be ignored, and its lack of participation worries everyone, in addition to the low rate of participation through electoral cards that have not been received so far, and there are those who are trying to complete their session, especially those who have wide powers.

She indicated that: The international factor puts everyone in front of a challenge that will be answered in a few days, after there will be a decisive meeting to try to convince the objectors and other reasons in the event of disagreement, the options are all open.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency