Al-Kadhimi From Mosul: Corruption And Mismanagement Among The Factors Caused The Fall Of Nineveh In ISIS Hands

Baghdad Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi confirmed that corruption and mismanagement are among the factors that caused the fall of Nineveh Governorate in the hands of the ISIS gang.

Al-Kadhimi said in a cabinet session held in Nineveh today, Monday, that “corruption and mismanagement are among the factors that caused the fall of Mosul in the hands of the ISIS gang.”

He added, “We fought corruption as much as we could, and I know that all Iraqis and the people of Mosul among them who supported us in the war against corruption, but the battle is long and it may be greater than the battle of ISIS, and it needs our solidarity together.”

He added: “The beloved governorate of Nineveh is dear to the hearts of all Iraqis, and it is one of the hallmarks of civilization, the extended, continuous and converging Iraqi history from Sumer to Assyria. We find its legacy in every Iraqi city we visit, and here in Nineveh the fragrant history, the authenticity of the Iraqis, the kindness of their hearts, their humanity, and their civilizational footprint. “.

He stressed that: “It is not a coincidence that Nineveh is one of the examples of Iraqi diversity, and it is not a coincidence that the land of Iraq brings together all this diversity, which we consider a source of strength, and we see it as the essence of Iraqi identity,” noting that “the nations that preserve their diversity and respect this diversity are the living civilized nations and Iraqi diversity would not have reached this day without the authentic Iraqis’ souls, their respect for each other, and their pride in their culture.

Al-Kadhimi said: Here on this beloved land, the world witnessed a journey of sacrifices from all our people, in defense of the identity of Nineveh, its Iraqi identity, and its authenticity, refusing to let this great city be captive of terrorism and reactionary, and the Iraqis triumphed over terrorism because the people of Mosul, or as it is said in our dialect (Musalwa) is at the forefront of the defenders of their city.”

Al-Kadhimi addressed the people of Nineveh, saying: Our people in Nineveh… I came to Umm Al-Rabeein (The Mother Of Two Springs) today to hold a cabinet session to find out the problems that Nineveh suffers from in various fields, and we are very sorry to see that Nineveh is still suffering from service and construction problems.”

Al-Kadhimi confirmed that he formed a special committee for the reconstruction of Mosul, and directed the development of a road map and a quick action plan to address the problems facing the governorate, and work has also begun on important strategic projects in the governorate, including Mosul Airport and the train station.

Al-Kadhimi directed the ministers to make regular visits to Nineveh to find out its problems, and to develop effective and quick solutions to them, and all ministries should provide all their capabilities to the Mosul Reconstruction Committee to succeed in its mission.

Al-Kadhimi ended his speech by saying: “The future is for the lovers of Iraq, and there is no future for corruption, terrorism and incompetence, and we are with you and your family in all the cities of Iraq, with you to advance, we help each other, no one helps us after God except ourselves, our will, and our authentic values.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency