Al-Kadhimi receives the Head of Al-Zawraa Club

Baghdad Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi received the head of the administrative body of Al-Zawraa Club, Captain Falah Hassan, and discussed with him the obstacles facing the club.

During the interview, Al-Kadhimi promised Captain Hassan to overcome all the difficulties facing the name of Al-Zawraa and its great position at the level of local and continental participation, praising the team’s large fans and the need to return the smile to the seagulls fans.

Al-Kadhimi directed the Minister of Youth and Sports, Captain Adnan Darjal, to find alternative solutions to support Al-Abyad in his sports career.

Al-Zawra Club President, Captain Falah Hassan, presented a detailed report to Al-Kadhimi of the embarrassing situation that Al-Zawra Club is going through and the financial crisis it is facing, expressing his thanks and appreciation to Al-Kadhimi for his support of Al-Zawraa’s march and its fans.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency