Alia Nassif: Political And Parliamentary Parties Formed The National Oil Company (Secretly)

Baghdad The Parliamentary Integrity Committee revealed that governmental and political bodies and a parliamentarian formed the National Oil Company (secretly) without the approval of the legislative authority and without including it in the general budget.

Committee member MP Alia Nassif indicated to the issuance of serious administrative orders that include legal violations, calling on the Public Prosecution to intervene and prevent manipulation of the people’s wealth because the legislative authority is currently suspended.

Nassif said, in a press statement, that “political parties (Shiite and Sunni) secretly shared the oil and proceeded to form the National Oil Company after a meeting that took place between an important figure in the Oil Ministry and a Sunni parliamentary figure at (11:45 pm) in the parliamentarian’s house.”

She explained, “This parliamentarian is in agreement with a Shiite political bloc, and today we were surprised by the issuance of suspicious secret orders despite the lack of an amendment to the National Oil Company law, as she put it.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency