Alia Nassif reveals the legal violations of the formation of the National Oil Company “secretly”

Baghdad The Parliamentary Integrity Committee renewed its request to the Public Prosecution Office to intervene and annul the decision to form the National Oil Company, which was formed secretly to avoid the anger of the Iraqi street, and disclosed the legal violations committed by those who formed it.

Member of the committee, MP Alia Nassif, said, “the establishment of the National Oil Company in this illegal form is invalid, because its law is challenged in most of its provisions by the Federal Court, and the amendment that read two readings is mined with quotas materials.”

She added, in a press statement, that “those who secretly formed the company did not abide by the stipulated conditions that must be met by the person who will run the company, which is a service of no less than 25 years within a specialty that makes him qualified to manage the company, and this was not taken into account in the appointment of the two vice managers of the company, indicating that “all the company’s procedures are void, because the first vice manager of the company must have worked in the field of extraction for several years.”

She explained, “any appointment procedures for positions under the National Company Law are invalid appointments,” calling on the MPs not to pass the law in the House of Representatives.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency