An Englishman … A Technical Director Supervising All Age Groups For Iraqi National Teams

Baghdad The Iraqi Football Association has officially signed with the Englishman John Whittle, to be a technical director supervising all age groups for the Iraqi national teams.

Whittle said, during the press conference after the official signing, “I will work officially in the Iraqi Federation and my responsibility will be wide through coordination with other organizations.”

He added, “I will work on organizing the referees work, training licenses, and developing clubs and players within the clubs and academies,” noting that “attention will be paid in the reality of the game in the rest of the governorates, in addition to establishing the technical department to develop coaches for young adults and the women’s team as well.”

Whittle continued, “We will work to activate women’s football in Iraq and provide coaches for the teams, as well as provide an opportunity for everyone in this sector,” noting that “Iraqi talents are very important, and the establishment and development of football will start from these categories.” 

Source: National Iraqi News Agency