An unprecedented turnout for Corona vaccination centers in Baghdad amid weak precautionary measures

Baghdad Today, the vaccination centers against Corona disease in Baghdad witnessed an unprecedented turnout by citizens, amid weak precautionary measures, especially social distancing, as crowds crowded in front of vaccination windows.

The correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) noted that citizens flocked since dawn to the vaccination centers… for early reservations… pointing to the lack of cooling means for the vaccinators, which the elderly suffered in light of the unprecedented rise in temperatures and the collapse of the electric power system.

He stressed that the citizens expressed their high thanks and appreciation for the efforts of the health staff and their dedication to work despite the current difficult conditions, calling on the Ministry of Health and the Crisis Cell to open new vaccination centers to accommodate citizens after increasing their conviction in the vaccination process, which they boycotted for a long time.

The barrier of Corona infections has exceeded 12 thousand infections throughout Iraq today.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency