Economist: Solving Electricity Crisis Depends On A Real Basis Of Studies, Research And Plans, Not Hollow Meetings


Baghdad The expert in economic affairs, Raad Twaij, stressed the need to prepare a roadmap that goes beyond hollow meetings and to rely on a real ground of studies, research and plans to solve the electric power crisis in the country.

Twaij said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that “the main reason for the electricity crisis is the existence of a large gap between consumption and production, and this gap increases with the expansion of population growth, which is usually accompanied by excessive demand for electricity and for various needs.”

He added: The volume of demand for electric energy, based on what is supplied by the national grid, which is ranged to 60,000 megawatts, and what is currently being supplied with 20,000 megawatts, meaning that we need to expand by double, or 200% of the current production. It is noted that the Ministry of Electricity or the Supreme Council Energy in Iraq was not scientifically managed, but rather managed as a result of certain ministers or personalities, as his work was not based on a statistical or informational device that shows the rate of Iraqi per capita consumption of electric energy or the total real need or for each Iraqi governorate.

He stressed the need for “the Ministry or the Energy Council to have a roadmap that goes beyond hollow meetings and relying on a real ground of studies, research and plans, and the need for there to be additions to the national network that exceed the expected demand, and there will be no exit from such a crisis whose importance becomes clear twice a year at the height of the summer.” It will be very hot unless efforts and wills are united to get out of this dilemma and for collective cooperation between society and the government with all its institutions.”

He also stressed the need to prepare an Iraqi national strategy in which sources of electrical energy vary from gas, hydroelectricity, solar energy, nuclear and black pitch to establish the future of Iraq based on the availability of Iraqi electrical energy, which may be linked to maintaining Iraq’s national security.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency