Congratulating On The Islamic New Year.. President Salih: We Have National Entitlements That Cannot Be Compromised

Baghdad The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, congratulated the Iraqi people on the Islamic New Year, stressing: “We have national obligations that cannot be tolerated.”

Salih said, according to a presidential statement, “We extend to our Iraqi people and all Muslims our best congratulations and best blessings on the occasion of the new Hijri year.

He added: “The new Hijri year comes, and before us are national entitlements that cannot be compromised, embodied in the establishment of a capable state that serves the citizens that harnesses the country’s bounties for them and is in security with its people and its neighborhood, and based on this is the holding of the upcoming elections so that they are based on the free will of Iraqis and their aspirations in a promising future befitting them and their patience, struggle and sacrifices, and it will be a breakthrough towards the desired reform, combating corruption and good governance based on the rule of the people without guardianship or interference.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency