Defense Minister of Ghani’s Govt Announces Expelling “Taliban” From 3 Districts In Baghlan

Baghdad, The acting Defense Minister of the collapsed Afghan government, Bismillah Mohammadi, announced that the “Popular Resistance Forces” took control of three districts in the northern province of Baghlan from the “Taliban”.

Mohammadi wrote on his Twitter account today, Friday, that the “resistance forces” regained control of the areas of Bil-Hissar, Da Salah and Banu in Baghlan, adding: “The resistance is still alive.”

This tweet comes against the background of activists circulating on social media unconfirmed news about the outbreak of clashes between the “Taliban” and the local residents in the Indrab area of the state, after a group of gunmen arrived in the area with the aim of raiding the homes of local residents.

According to the activists, the locals were able to kill seven militants, capture 13 others, and seize two vehicles equipped with machine guns. The area is currently witnessing an expansion of the fighting.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency