During his visit to Al-Tahira Church in Mosul..Al-Kadhimi: We remember what the terrorists did to it, who tried to turn it from a house of peace into a basement for killing and sabotage

Baghdad / NINA /- Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi said that today we are under the shadow of the ancient Al-Tahra Church, the House of Peace and Love, which is among the largest churches in Iraq and the Middle East.

He added, during his visit to the project for the reconstruction of Al-Tahira Church in Mosul: We remember what the terrorists did to it, who tried to turn it from a house of peace into a basement for killing and sabotage.

Al-Kadhimi explained: This church is the house of God, and the lofty witness to the failure of terrorism and its supporters, who sought to destroy the fabric of authentic Iraqi diversity.

He said: This church will return to the best of what it was, through the reconstruction campaigns that it will witness and with great international cooperation.

Al-Kadhimi continued: Since its first construction, this spot has been a home of love and peace, and terrorism tried to distort this lofty function, but it was disappointed, and it returned as a center of tranquility and peace, as it received the historic visit of His Holiness the Pope to it.

He added: As much as we are in pain because of the devastation, but we are happy to remove the ghosts of the obscurantists from the Church and from Iraq as a whole.

Al-Kadhimi indicated that this house of God, and all the houses of God, are the share of all Iraqis, especially after their blood gathered from all the provinces of Iraq to liberate it and return it to a peaceful and secure life again.

He said: Our Christian people are essential partners in this land, and they are its nucleus and roots, and they have effectively contributed to the movement of building Iraqi civilizations in all eras of the country’s history.

Al-Kadhimi reiterated: The call to immigrant Christians and others from all spectrums of Iraqis, to return to their homeland, for peace, security and tranquility will all take root and be strengthened by the efforts and giving of young people; In order to build their country, there is no future for this country without the efforts of its youth… We are proud of you and we offer you all support and assistance, and we invite you to return, and start the movement of life, reconstruction and development in your areas, and with you are all your Iraqi brothers of all sects. 

Source: National Iraqi News Agency