Fires Devour Agricultural Orchards In Khalis, Diyala

Baquba Major fires broke out in agricultural orchards north of Baquba. Diyala governorate center.

A source in the Civil Defense told the correspondent of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / today that fires broke out in / 9 / agricultural orchards in Kubat area in the outskirts of Khalis, north of Baquba and devoured / 18 / dunums before the firefighting teams were able to control the fire.

He added that most of the fires in Diyala were caused by an electrical short circuit due to the overrun of the electrical system and the passing of wires among the orchards and agricultural lands.

Meanwhile, firefighting teams in Al-Muqdadiya district, northeast of Baquba, were able to put out a fire that broke out in an orchard in Al-Shakha area, which devoured two shops selling tires.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency