Governor of Anbar: We have decided to close the tourist city and will impose a comprehensive curfew

Baghdad Anbar Governor Ali Al-Dulaimi announced today, Thursday, the intention to impose a comprehensive curfew soon, while indicating that the Habbaniyah tourist city will be closed until further notice.

Al-Dulaimi told the official News Agency, “The Anbar Police Command asked us to agree to close the Habbaniyah tourist city due to the conditions that the governorate is going through for the increasing number of cases of corona,” noting: “We agreed to the request, and during the next two days a complete curfew will be imposed until this crisis is overcome.”

He added, “the Anbar government is proceeding with the procedures of closing event halls and funerals on an ongoing basis,” noting that “the implementation of preventive measures in the province by the local government and the police command.”

Regarding the application of procedures at the borders, Al-Dulaimi stressed that “people entering Anbar through the border crossings are subject to preventive measures individually and not collectively,” noting that “they are subject to the checks and routine procedures that Anbar Health Directorate operates at the borders.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency