In A Televised Speech, Ashraf Ghani: I Was Forced To Leave Afghanistan To Prevent A Massacre And bloodshed

Baghdad / NINA / – The dismissed Afghan President Ashraf Ghani confirmed that he was forced to leave Afghanistan to prevent a massacre and bloodshed.

He said in a televised speech: I was forced to leave Kabul and decided not to be the cause of the bloodshed in the capital.

Ghani added: I was in the palace when the guards told me that there was something like a coup in the capital.

He continued, “I left the country with my turban, clothes and shoes. I sharply denied taking any money or property outside the country. I came to the host country, the United Arab Emirates, with empty hands.”

Ghani said: I left Afghanistan as Mullah Omar left 20 years ago.

He stated that he will soon return to his country. / End

Source: National Iraqi News Agency