ISIS claims responsibility for the assassination of Mukhtar in Salah al-Din

Baghdad The terrorist organization ISIS has claimed the assassination of Mukhtar on the outskirts of Al-Sharqat district, describing him as an “apostate”.

The pages of communication supporting the organization reported that ISIS assassinated the mukhtar of the village of “Al-Nahiya” on the left coast of Sharqat, “Aboud Muhammad Aboud”, who is affiliated with the Tribal Mobilization.

Earlier, ISIS members on a motorcycle assassinated the Mukhtar of Al-Nahiya village, on the left coast of Al-Sharqat district, north of Salah Al-Din.

The police and the tribal mobilization launched a search campaign in search of the perpetrators of the attack, and found a motorcycle belonging to the organization on the outskirts of the village of Al-Nahiya.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency