Italian police arrest 4 people on charges of financing ISIS

Baghdad The Italian police announced today, Monday, that they had arrested four men, accusing them of sending money to people in Europe and the Middle East, who were collecting it on behalf of ISIS.

It is suspected, according to Italian media, that the four men transferred a total of 30,000 euros from the city of Andrea, southeastern Italy, to 42 people, collectors of money for extremist armed groups in countries including: Serbia, Germany, Turkey, Jordan, Thailand and Russia.

An Italian tax police official said that the following investigations showed that the same recipients of those funds had received up to one million euros in suspicious transfers from other sources.

The investigation, led by the anti-organized crime prosecutor in Bari, the regional capital, began in 2017, after information from the Paris prosecutor about two financial transfers, each worth 950 euros, from a small agency in southern Italy to a Lebanese man considered by the French authorities as a fundraiser for foreign fighters in Syria.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency