Kirkuk Electricity Directorate Demands Protection Of Towers To Ensure Supply And Operation Of Water And Irrigation Projects

Kirkuk The Kirkuk Electricity Distribution Directorate demanded the protection of electric power transmission towers, to ensure the supply of electricity, the operation of water and irrigation projects, and the provision of electricity to treatment centers for people infected with Coronavirus.

The source said that a statistic carried out by the Directorate showed that 177 towers had been destroyed, vandalized, targeted and damaged within three months, and the security forces were able to dismantle explosive devices planted under 50 other energy transmission towers.

Muhammad Ahmed, director of al-Riyadh sub-district of Hawija district, which witnessed the targeting of seven power towers earlier this week, said that these seven towers were transmitting electric power to Baiji district in Salah al-Din governorate.

He called on the security forces to set up security posts at all the towers, otherwise these attacks will continue and the citizens will be the first affected.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency