Najaf Municipality Launches (Abeer Campaign) To Remove Encroachments In The Governorate

Najaf The Najaf municipality announced the launch of (Abeer campaign) to curb the phenomenon of encroachments and abuses on public lands in the governorate center.

The media of the Najaf municipality indicated that “the campaign will include lifting residential encroachments and violations from agricultural areas within the boundaries of the governorate’s municipality.”

It added, “The campaign will continue for several days until all the encroachments and violations are completed, noting that the campaign does not include previously inhabited residential neighborhoods, but will be on agricultural lands that are intended to be converted into residential lands.”

It continued, “The first stage includes lifting the residential floors or the construction from the agricultural plots, and the next stages will include entering the residential neighborhoods and removing the encroachments from public roads and pedestrians’ roads.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency