Head Of The National Awareness Movement: Ruling Does Not Fall With Gun And Can Be Changed By Electoral Means


Baghdad The head of the National Awareness Movement, Salah Al-Arbawi, confirmed that: The ruling does not fall with the gun and it can be changed by an electoral means.

He said in a speech from Al-Rumaitha district, Muthanna governorate, on the occasion of the anniversary of the 1920 Revolution, that: The sons of the Seven Guns are the leaders of the 1920 Revolution despite those who wanted to falsify the facts.

Al-Arbawi added that: The 1920 Revolution was a reality, with clear goals, organized means, and resisting British colonialism with the simplest weapons.

He explained that: The 1920 Revolution established the real Iraqi state and ended the direct occupation, and there are those who tried to falsify the history of the Revolution, just as they tried to demonize the October Revolution.

He stated that: The demands of the 1920 Revolution were demanding a government of the people. He pointed out that al-Samawah is not poor, but rather exposed to an attempt to impoverishment.

He addressed the audience by saying: Do not boycott the elections, but rather the failed representatives you elected previously, and if you do not come out for change, the same failed ruling class will return to the scene.

Al-Arbawi stressed that: the revolution must move to the authority.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency