Al-Kadhimi Praises Belgium’s Support For Iraq Stability Fund, And Importance Of Opening The Embassy In Baghdad


Baghdad Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi met today, Wednesday, with the Prime Minister of Belgium, Alexander De Croo, during his official visit to the capital, Brussels.

During the meeting, according to a statement by Al-Kadhimi’s office, they discussed bilateral relations between the two countries, and ways to enhance cooperation in various fields and issues of common interest.

Al-Kadhimi expressed his appreciation for Belgium’s supportive stance for Iraq in fighting the terrorist organization ISIS through the international coalition, as well as its contribution to training and assisting Iraqi forces, and in the field of high intelligence cooperation between the two countries as part of efforts to confront terrorism.

Al-Kadhimi praised Belgium’s support for the Iraq Stability Fund of the United Nations Development Program for the purpose of rebuilding the liberated cities, in addition to supporting programs related to removing mines and humanitarian aid programs implemented by the High Commissioner for Refugees.

He stressed the importance of holding a third political round within the framework of the political and diplomatic memorandum of understanding between the two countries, the second of which was held in Brussels three years ago.

Al-Kadhimi explained the importance of reopening the Belgian embassy in Baghdad, given the relations between the two countries and Belgium’s support for Iraq in many areas, stressing the Iraqi government’s responsibility to protect the security of diplomatic missions in Iraq and work hard to prevent the recurrence of attacks on Iraqi diplomatic missions and military bases that host foreign advisers and trainers.

Views were also exchanged regarding the upcoming Iraqi elections, where the Prime Minister stressed Iraq’s need for electoral support from all parties for the success of the upcoming early elections.

In turn, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo praised the reform steps of the current government, stressing that it would provide any assistance Iraq needs in holding early elections, and moving forward in achieving stability and reconstruction

Source: National Iraqi News Agency