Al-Amiri from Al-Muthanna Governorate: The historical responsibility lies in removing the American forces from Iraq

Baghdad The Head of Al-Fateh Alliance Hadi Al-Amiri stressed that the historical responsibility lies in removing the US forces from Iraq.

Al-Amiri said in his speech during the festival of the anniversary of the twentieth revolution, which was held in the Muthanna Governorate: “The stability and prosperity of Iraq will not be in the presence of the American occupation that implements Zionist agendas.”

He explained that “the stability of the region will be with the stability of Iraq, which will not witness prosperity or security stability as long as the US occupation is present on its lands.”

Al-Amiri called on all Iraqis and government agencies to “pressure towards the removal of the American occupation, which does not have any legal basis for its presence on Iraqi lands.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency