Al-Kaabi: Iraq Now In Dire Need For Scholars And Competencies To Take Their Real Role In Building It And Advancing Its Reality In All Fields


Baghdad Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi, First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, met in his office, President of Samarra University Sabah Allawi Al-Samarrai.

Al-Kaabi said in a statement: The House of Representatives, through the Parliamentary Higher Education Committee, is directly following the reality of higher education, especially after the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic and the adoption of electronic distance education, and this is what all countries of the world have resorted to as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of the pandemic, and it is good that Iraqi universities managed in record time to adapt to this system and ensure the continuation of the study.

He added that the Presidency contributed to holding many seminars and meetings dedicated to researching private studies (parallel) as well as expanding the volume of absorption in post-graduate studies, and we were keen to achieve the wishes of our students in terms of admission, reducing study fees and reducing the burden on them and their families.

He noted, “The University of Samarra has great privacy because it bears the name of the capital of Islamic civilization and the city of the two Imams “peace be upon them” and the cradle of science, knowledge and history, and also because it is a young university that managed, in a record time, to compete Iraqi universities in progress, research and technologies, calling on the government and the Ministry of Education to support this university in a larger way with the aim of expanding it in terms of the sciences taught in it, as well as the volume of its absorption for students, and the creation of modern studies and sciences.”

He explained, “Iraq is now in dire need for scholars and competencies to take their real role in building their country, as nations advance by their scholars above all, and Iraq has been distinguished by God with the blessing of intelligence. We find the most prominent scientists in the world are Iraqis, and many countries have benefited from them. Therefore, a better environment must be provided for them in our country to provide the best and the advancement of the country’s reality in various fields.”

Al-Kaabi stressed that “the government, through the Ministry of Education and universities, should be keen to provide support to them, such as developing research centers, holding conferences, and encouraging scientific research and inventors.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency