Nadhem: The Council of Ministers agrees to allocate 50 billion dinars to the Ministry of Electricity / expanded


Baghdad Spokesman for the Council of Ministers and Minister of Culture, Hassan Nadhem, announced that the Council of Ministers agreed to allocate 50 billion dinars to the Ministry of Electricity.

He said in the weekly press conference that: Today, at the meeting, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity was hosted, and he was informed that the energy production had reached 21,000 megawatts.

Nadhem added that the coming period will witness an influx of Iranian gas for good generation, in addition to work on linking the Gulf, Jordan and Turkey, and we hope during the coming period to increase production.

He attributed the reason for the collapse of electric power to mismanagement, corruption and confusion in contracts. The coming period will witness work according to the budget to complete maintenance operations.

Nadhem said that the electricity crisis is complex and successive, and the government has no political struggle over it.

He explained that the website for applying for plots of land will be completed within days, and 500,000 plots will be distributed, including 300,000 that have been sorted and ready for distribution.

Nadhem pointed out that the Council voted for the establishment of a global consulting company to supervise the lagging giant projects in order to resume them, indicating that this matter is within the paragraphs of the white paper.

The Council of Ministers, according to Nadhem, voted to grant Karbala two billion dinars to provide services to visitors to the province on a visit to Arafa.

He added that joint cooperation with Egypt will continue with many economic projects, including the joint industrial city, and a plot of land has been allocated to it, in addition to the project to rehabilitate Iraqi factories such as textiles, medicines, road projects, bridges, and residential complexes, including 3 complexes, one of them is in Fallujah, in addition to the electrical connection with Jordan and Egypt.

Nadhem stressed that the elections are inevitable and on their announced date and will not be abandoned as a task for this government after widespread protests, and there is evidence for this in the coming days, noting that the Prime Minister’s recent visit to the European Union, Belgium and Italy sensed clear European support for conducting it on its announced date.

Nadhem noted that the rise in the price of oil does not directly affect our lives.. there is a large deficit..and the reserves are rising.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency