President Stresses The Importance Of Caution And Taking Precautions Against The Remnants Of ISIS, which Is Trying To Destabilize Security And Stability


Baghdad The President of the Republic, Barham Salih, met at Al-Salam Palace in Baghdad, a delegation that included members of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and civil society organizations in Makhmour area.

A statement by the President’s Media Office stated, “During the meeting, they discussed the security and service conditions in the city, the requirements of its people and some of the issues facing them, as the importance of promoting coexistence among all components in the region, and solidarity to confront security challenges and the threat of terrorism.”

Salih stressed, “the importance of caution and taking precautions against the remnants of ISIS, which is trying to destabilize security and stability.”

He stressed, “the need to close the gaps, in addition to solving the issues facing the people in the service area in terms of providing water and electricity, and following up the file of the displaced, stressing his support for resolving these issues and ensuring safe and stable security and living conditions for its people.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency