Al-Hakim discusses with the Lebanese Ambassador bilateral relations and common interests


Baghdad The Head of the Iraqi Alliance, Ammar Al-Hakim, discussed with the Lebanese Ambassador to Baghdad, Ali Adib Al-Habhab, the bilateral relations between Iraq and Lebanon and the common interests between the two brotherly peoples.

During his meeting with the Lebanese Ambassador, Al-Hakim stressed the need to maintain communication between the two countries to achieve the highest benefit for both sides, expressing his sympathy with the crisis that Lebanon is going through and his support for the Iraqi government’s efforts to support the Lebanese people.

Al-Hakim stressed the importance of joint projects in the region, calling on everyone to participate in these projects and work to make them a success, as it does not target anyone as much as it is a message of openness directed to all in accordance with common interests and deepening the bonds of cooperation between the peoples of the region.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency