Al-Kaabi: The Last Tripartite Summit Is The Most Successful Agreement In The Region And Could Be The Nucleus Of Broader Agreements In The Future Between Arab Countries


Baghdad The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hassan Al-Kaabi, affirmed that the last tripartite summit is the most successful agreement in the region and could be a nucleus for broader agreements in the future between Arab countries.

According to a statement by his media office, “the parliamentary delegation headed by Al-Kaabi met today, Wednesday, the Speaker of the Senate, Faisal Al-Fayez, as part of the agenda of the visit by the parliamentary delegation to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, at an official invitation from the latter.”

Al-Kaabi thanked the Speaker of the Senate for the generous hospitality and warm reception, and also thanked the Senate for its support of the Iraqi Parliament, which is constantly seeking to develop Iraq’s foreign relations with the brotherly Arab countries, countries of the region and the world with the aim of exchanging benefit and increasing expertise in the field of legislation and any other sectors.

He pointed out that many countries, especially Arab countries, suffer from the consequences of extremism, and terrorism in all its forms and in a way that negatively affects the reality of their societies and their well-being, and here the bilateral agreements will be the beginning of broader agreements that include more countries, as happened in the recent tripartite agreement between Iraq, Jordan and Egypt, indicating that the House of Representatives supports any agreement within this summit to make it a success as a unique experience in the region and also to be the nucleus of larger agreements in the future for the benefit of our societies.”

For his part, Al-Fayez welcomed the Iraqi delegation, conveying the greetings of King Abdullah II to the delegation, stressing the need for such visits to increase the volume of cooperation between the two countries, praising the security development that Iraq is witnessing and its ability to defeat terrorism, expressing Jordan’s support for Iraq at all times its people, government and security forces, stressing that the presence of a strong army in Iraq will enhance the stability of the region.”

He added, “As parliaments, we must coordinate to activate relations between the two countries and find a clear strategy to work on and make them succeed,” pointing to the possibility of the success of Arab unity, which has many common denominators, unlike other unions that succeeded despite differences in ethnicity, language, political, military and economics.

The two sides agreed on the possibility of approaching the Arab countries for the purpose of holding an economic summit within the Union of Arab Parliaments, to which businessmen, investors and chambers of commerce would be invited, so that there would be real work in the development and economic sectors and not be limited to political work.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency