Alia Nassif calls on the Cabinet to reconsider the nomination of new ambassadors


Baghdad The Parliamentary Integrity Committee called on the Council of Ministers to reconsider the nomination of the list of new ambassadors, and to distance this file from the will of the political authorities.

Member of the Committee, MP, Alia Nassif, indicated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs employees’ tendencies to file a lawsuit against the Cabinet’s decision to nominate new ambassadors in a way that violates the constitution and the Foreign Service Law.

She said, in a press statement, that “the Cabinet’s decision to nominate new ambassadors violates the text of Article 9 of the Foreign Service Law No. 45 of 2008, which requires the appointment of ambassadors from the diplomatic corps by 75%, while the list included political nominations by 60%, in addition to violating the Iraqi constitution, which provides for justice.”

Nassif praised the justice and integrity of the head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Faiq Zeidan, who refused to acquiesce in some political parties that shared ambassadorial positions and nominated people from the entourage of some leaders, and tried to persuade him to give him shares of these positions, criticizing the frantic race by those parties to get the lion’s share of Embassies flouting the criteria for nominating the ambassador who represents Iraq abroad.

She explained, “This nomination is a setback added to the series of setbacks that this ministry has experienced since the era of former Minister Hoshyar Zebari, who filled the embassies with his relatives and party members.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency