Al-Kadhimi: The Strategic Dialogue With Washington United The Iraqi Political Positions/ More


Baghdad Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi confirmed: “The strategic dialogue united the Iraqi political positions.”

He explained in a televised interview: “The results of the dialogue with the United States of America came after a long period of dialogues conducted by the government, concerning the future of Iraqi-American relations in the security, cultural, economic and energy fields.”

He added, “The most important thing about this achievement is that it unified the positions of the Iraqi political forces, and this gives a glimmer of hope to the Iraqis that we are united in visions regarding Iraqi sovereignty, which we hope will be reflected in the upcoming elections.”

He continued, “We have moved to a new stage of relations with the United States of America in the long run, providing support and training to our security and military services, as well as in the economic, energy and environment fields. Today, our forces have received recognition for their ability to protect our lands and people from terrorist groups and protect internal security. Iraq needs to take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen social peace and work within the framework of the state.”

He stated: “Iraq has regained its health and influence, and its role in the region has become pivotal, and everyone is betting on Iraq’s role in restoring cohesion in the Arab and Islamic region, and searching for an Iraqi role to bring the points of view closer between the quarreling and competing countries. We seek and support everyone to search for a mechanism for dialogue, it is certainly better than differences and wars. We support dialogue, whether it is American-Iranian, or any dialogue that can help in the stability of the region, because it has repercussions on Iraq’s stability and its economic situation.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency