The Kremlin denies Biden’s accusations of Russian interference in next year’s congressional elections


Baghdad The Kremlin denied US President Joe Biden’s statements in which he accused Russia of planning to interfere in the US Congress elections scheduled for next year.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Pskov said briefly that Russia has never interfered in the electoral processes in the United States.

He added: There is no doubt that Russia does not interfere, and it has no intention of interfering in electoral processes in other countries.

Pskov pointed out that the talk is about a fact proven by the results of several investigations conducted in America on this subject, as those investigations did not prove Russia’s interference.

Pskov’s comments came in response to statements by the US President, who claimed, in his speech to reporters after visiting the office of the head of national intelligence, that Moscow was interfering in the elections by spreading misinformation.

According to journalists, the US President warned of the danger of a real military conflict as a result of cyber attacks from Russia.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency