Baghdad The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Hamid Naim Al-Ghazi, affirmed that the Iraqi government is determined to proceed with the activation and revitalization of the public and private industrial sectors, by overcoming all obstacles facing investment companies, and simplifying all procedures related to the establishment of industrial cities in all governorates.

While presiding over the meeting to discuss the agenda of the consultative meeting concerned with addressing the obstacles to the allocation of industrial cities lands, he stressed the need to overcome the obstacles facing developers and industrial investors, and to bypass bureaucracy and red tape in order to promote the industrial sector, which will contribute to the rotation of the wheel of production and self-sufficiency, as well as the employment of local manpower.

He also directed, assigning employees from each institution concerned to the matter, to conduct immediate follow-ups and resolve outstanding files, and implement what was stated in the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the recommendations issued by the committee in question to give investment companies real opportunities, and the possibility of inventorying and identifying undeveloped lands.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency