Baghdad Foreign Minister Fouad Hussein delivered today, Tuesday, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ibrahim Raisi, a letter of invitation from Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to attend the “Iraqi Neighboring Countries Conference”.

During the meeting, the Minister stressed that organizing the “Iraqi Neighboring Countries Conference” comes in the context of measures aimed at supporting the political process and economic growth in Iraq.

After that, they discussed the importance of strengthening bilateral cooperation relations between the two neighboring countries, and the Minister expressed his hope for more cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran to serve the interests of both countries.

He explained, “the consolidation of sustainable security in the region will not be achieved without the participation of Iraq’s neighboring countries,” stressing: “The convening of this conference will provide the conditions for dialogue among countries to reach a common understanding at the level of the region.”

For his part, President Ibrahim Raisi described this decision by the Iraqi government as a “blessed step.”

He added, “Iran considers dialogue between the countries of the region, in the context of addressing issues and improving relations among them, as a step towards strengthening regional security and stability.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency