Hani Ashour: The Baghdad Summit for Neighboring Countries…A Quantum Leap In Arab And Regional Relations With Iraq

Baghdad Strategic researcher Hani Ashour counted the Baghdad Summit for Neighboring Countries..a quantum leap in Arab and regional relations with Iraq.

He told the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that: Holding such a conference represents a qualitative leap in Arab and regional relations with Iraq, as it establishes the principle of cooperation first and then gives Iraq a strategic role in the region.

Ashour added that: The conference gives the participating countries an opportunity for understanding the intersections that have occurred significantly in the past few years.

He explained that: Iraq’s embrace of this conference gives it a leading role and a large size among these countries, especially as we live in an era of blocs, cooperation and economic groupings between countries on the basis of economic groupings.

The capital, Baghdad, is scheduled to host at the end of this month a summit of neighboring countries.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency