Spokesman for the Council of Ministers: The Baghdad Conference of Neighboring Countries is receiving international attention and its axes are directed towards the stability of Iraq and the region

Baghdad The Spokesman for the Council of Ministers and Minister of Culture, Hassan Nadhem, announced: “the Baghdad summit for neighboring countries is receiving great international attention, and its axes are directed towards the stability of Iraq and the region politically, diplomatically and economically.”

Nadhem said in the weekly press conference: “The conference will expand the framework of partnerships that bring Iraq together with neighboring countries and others.”

On the issue of water, Nadhem pointed out: “Iraq has understandings with Iran about water, and we are trying to mobilize the international community to guarantee the rights of Iraqis and help achieve them.”

Regarding the elections, he stated that the government looks with a special eye for the blocs that withdrew from the elections and is trying to urge these blocs to return and participate.”

In another matter, the spokesman announced that the Council of Ministers had allocated 750 million dinars to the Ministry of Culture for the professional safety of the House of Books and Documents, due to the importance of the place for Iraqi memory and rights during 100 years. The Council also agreed to grant the Ministry of Culture the right to dispose of the heritage houses scattered in the country and grant them to important cultural and artistic bodies.

He continued, “the Council of Ministers agreed to grant the Ministry of Migration and Displacement 3 billion dinars to improve the basic needs of the displaced people. It also voted on the National Security Agency law and referred it to Parliament for approval.”

Nadhem stated that the data verification of the forms to obtain plots of land has been started to determine the beneficiaries, whose names will be announced soon.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency