Al-Zorfi Calls On Political Forces To Abide By The Rules Of Electoral Behavior

Baghdad The Secretary-General of the Iraqi Al-Wafa Movement, a member of the House of Representatives, Adnan Al-Zorfi, called on political forces to abide by the rules of electoral behavior, stressing the provision of a safe environment for holding early legislative elections on the tenth of next October.

In a press statement, he said: “The political forces participating in the upcoming elections are obliged to apply the rules of electoral behavior for the purpose of giving a clear image to the international community, revealing the belief in democracy as the only way to achieve the principle of peaceful transfer of power in the country.”

He added that: “Participation in the elections requires political forces to adhere to honest competition through electoral programs, and not through political misrepresentation, settling accounts and defamation of candidates, noting that the rules of electoral behavior stipulates that there should be equal opportunities for all candidates and they must be treated with respect at all stages of the electoral process.

Al-Zorfi stressed the importance of the political forces’ cooperation with the government to provide an appropriate environment for the electoral process, “by helping the security services to perform their duties by protecting polling stations and voters, and in a manner that encourages broad participation in the elections.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency