Al-Zorfi _Political forces contributed to draining state resources through appointments

Baghdad Member of Parliament Adnan Al-Zorfi exposed, today, Wednesday, unnamed political forces that contributed to draining the state’s resources through their presence in successive governments, blaming these governments for the high unemployment rate in Iraq.

In a statement, he said, “the major political forces that participated in the post-regime governments granted their followers and supporters job rank, which led to the slackness of the administrative apparatus and the depletion of state resources in operational budgets.”

He added that “the operational budget for the year 2020 amounted to 55 trillion dinars, while an amount of 23 trillion dinars was allocated to the investment budget, stressing the importance of” changing the government’s approach in preparing the draft budget law by increasing the amounts allocated to the investment budget as it is able to move the market and provide job opportunities for the youth segment of the unemployed and addressing the problem of the high rate of poverty.

He pointed out, “the solution to Iraq’s economic problems is related to the elimination of corruption in all its manifestations and the development of productive sectors with serious participation among the private and government sectors, in addition to directing the private sector towards investment by enacting new laws to be an active participant in achieving development.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency