Parliamentary Foreign Affairs: The Agenda Of Baghdad Int’l Summit Is Not Limited To Political Files

Baghdad The Parliamentary Relations and Foreign Affairs Committee revealed the agenda of the Baghdad International Summit to be held, at the end of this month, with wide international and regional participation.

Member of the committee, Representative Muthanna Amin, said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA): “Iraq can play the role of the political mediator and the geographical axis between neighboring countries, especially Iran and Saudi Arabia, so Iraq seeks to bridge the gap of contention between the two neighbors.”

He added, “Iraq’s political and economic interests require balanced relations and regional stability,” noting: “Convening a summit of neighboring countries in Iraq frames a new vision for regional peace, economic stability, and a humidification of the atmosphere among the countries of the region , which is an Iraqi priority interest before it is the interest of any other country.”.

He explained: “Iraq is planning to use the regional and international role to deal with sensitive and important files related to security and services, as well as combating corruption, therefore it is not necessary that the agenda of the Baghdad summit is only political files.”

Government preparations continue to hold the Baghdad International Summit before the end of this August, with the participation of more than 13 Arab and foreign countries, including the neighboring countries of Iraq, Egypt, Qatar and the UAE, in addition to the United States of America, Britain and France.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency