MP: A Political Struggle In Karbala Municipality To Acquire The Most Important Service Position

Baghdad The MP of the holy governorate of Karbala from Al-Fateh Alliance bloc, Hamed Al-Moussawi, called on the governor of Karbala, not allowing parties to take over the position of Karbala municipality administration, and to move forward and urgently by choosing a worthy manager for the most important service position, working to implement the map of his predecessor, the late engineer Abeer Al-Khafaji in completing the process of reconstruction of Karbala.

Al-Moussawi indicated, in a press statement, that information was leaked about a political struggle that began behind the scenes of the Karbala governorate and municipality in order to acquire and control this position, although the martyr’s blood has not dried yet.

He added, “The people of Karbala will not be silent about handing over this position to a person who is affiliated with rejected political parties and indicated that “the secret of the success of the urban campaign in Karbala governorate is the independence of many of its local managers,” stressing that “the late Abeer was an independent, courageous field worker, keen on the reconstruction of Karbala and showing it in the most beautiful image worthy of it.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency