NATO: The World Will Not Recognize The “Taliban” Seizing Power In Afghanistan By Force

Baghdad The Secretary-General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, warned that the international community would not recognize the “Taliban” movement as a legitimate authority in Afghanistan, if it seized power by force.

Stoltenberg, in a statement issued after a meeting of NATO members held today, Friday, to discuss developments in the situation in Afghanistan, expressed the NATO countries’ deep concern about the high level of violence in this country as a result of the military advance launched by the Taliban, including ” focused attacks on civilians and killings” and reports of other serious human rights violations.

He continued, according to “RT”, “The Taliban must realize that the international community will not recognize it if it seized the country by force, and we are still committed to supporting a political solution to the conflict.”

Stoltenberg stressed that the goal of NATO countries remains to provide the largest possible support to the Afghan government and security forces, noting at the same time that ensuring the security of the military and personnel of the alliance countries is a priority.

The NATO Secretary-General stressed that the alliance remains in constant contact with the Afghan government and the rest of the international community and continues to assess developments on the ground, pledging that NATO “will maintain its diplomatic presence in Kabul and will continue to adjust it as necessary.”

This statement comes against the backdrop of the decision of a number of NATO countries, led by the United States, to reduce the number of their diplomatic missions in Kabul or to close them completely in some cases.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency