Al-Hakim Warns Of The Collapse Of The Political System And Stresses: There Should Be Two Trends Loyal And Opposed To Next Govt/ More

Baghdad The head of the Alliance of National State Forces, Ammar al-Hakim, warned against the collapse of the political system with the continuation of consociationalism and the repudiation of responsibility for failure, stressing that “there should be two trends in support of the state, one of which is the next government’s trend and the other is the opposition.”

Al-Hakim said during his speech at a mass gathering on the occasion of the month of Muharram in the center of the capital, Baghdad: “What we need, and what the whole world needs, is in the midst of these darkness and plaints that we are going through because of perverted thoughts, sinful hands and evil intentions that want mankind to harm, ruin and pervert. We are in urgent need of guiding lamps like the lamp of our master Abu Abdullah Al-Hussein, peace be upon him, to guide man to his pure nature and his lofty position, which some want to be rejected and to be avoided.

He added, “Al-Hussein, peace be upon him, was revolting against injustice, chaos and non-statehood, objecting to monopoly, and manipulating the nation’s capabilities, rejecting violence, hypocrisy and lawlessness, and opposing counterfeiting, oppression, injustice and deprivation.”-

He continued: I say it honestly, that our country has been subjected, during our modern history, to the worst and ugliest internal and external agendas and schemes with the aim of dismantling societal cohesion and dividing the country geographically, ethnically and sectarianly, but our people emerged from all these calamities, tribulations and misfortunes with their heads held high, victorious, and confident.

He explained: The world is changing, the region is changing, and the conditions are now suitable to bring about positive change in our Iraq, and we must invest in this atmosphere, so that everyone should re-evaluate reality and formulate a new scene of life.”.

He called “to renew together with ideas, discourse, methods and tools, and to create together, without exception, a new atmosphere for a new renaissance, a new state and a promising and prosperous future.”

He added, “We have chosen our path since the first day in political work, and it is a path paved with the blood of the mujahedeen and the sacrificed leaders to save Iraq and its people, from the dictatorship of tyranny, the absurdity of terrorism and the chaos of corruption, and we are still on this path and will not deviate from it.”

He stressed, “We did not compliment anyone, and we did not compromise for the sake of truth and the interests of the Iraqis.. We confronted the people closest to us when we found in them miscalculation and poor management, neither courtesy nor appeasement, but frankness, handling and courage.”

He pointed out that, “Since the events of October 2019, we had a clear position, and we said at the time that the political scene in Iraq suffers from a real blockage, and that we urgently need an effective change that the Iraqi street touches with its multiple categories, and similarly, the government of Mustafa Al-Kadhimi was formed to perform two main tasks, which are to restore the prestige of the state, and the holding of early elections in a safe and fair environment that enables all Iraqis to choose their representative in a capable government and a strong state.”
He also affirmed, “Any complacency regarding these two tasks, foremost of which is the task of holding early elections…whatever the concerns, will be dire, for the ballot box is the only peaceful solution in carrying out the desired change and reform, and retreating from that exposes the security of Iraqis, and the future of the state to the unknown and makes us in front of dark possibilities, God forbid.”

Al-Hakim continued: “I call on all the Iraqi national forces, which announced their withdrawal from the elections, led by dear brother His Eminence Muqtada al-Sadr and the national youth and civil parties and forces, to reconsider the decision to withdraw and to return to active participation in the elections.”

He pointed out that “the blood that was shed in the arenas of the popular movement and protest against poor services and unemployment does not deserve to be underestimated and used as a pretext for political blackmail and private gains. The pure blood that shed from our youth as they shouted their patriotic throats, demanding their most basic rights. Those national voices wanted a strong state and a capable government that would preserve their dignity. The previous electoral representation did not achieve that for them.. So they demanded early elections to hold the negligent accountable through the ballot boxes..”

He pointed out that “the early elections have become a popular demand, and they must be held on the specified date, and then everyone who represents the political arena will know his true size.. and bears responsibility for failure and negligence so that the people choose who represents their aspirations and achieve their future that befits Iraq and the Iraqis.”

The head of the National State Forces Alliance called for “not to close the doors of peaceful change to your people. As patience has limits, and rights have claimers and will take them even after a while.”

He said, “The political system in Iraq is still subjected to obstacles and blockers that have restricted its growth and development, and the most prominent of these obstacles is political corruption represented in wasting opportunities and wasting positive constructive energy.”

He stressed, “We are not powerless, and we are not so poor in men, determination and the will to build. There are many loyal and competent men and women in the land of Mesopotamia. What we suffer from is the lack of courage of responsibility in taking the decision and proceeding with it.”
He stressed, “We need to insist and continue to implement the national will, and it is not possible to build the state without accountability and punishment of those who target the prestige of the state and the rule of its law, and it is not possible to form a capable government without free and fair elections, and services cannot be achieved without holding the negligent and the failures accountable and blocking the way for them.” .

He added, “It is not possible to preserve the dignity and security of citizens without arresting criminals and murderers in broad daylight, and it is not possible to operate factories, flourish agriculture and revive the economy without prosecuting the corrupt and theft of public money, and what we suffer from is hesitation, lack of decision-making and responsibility.”

Al-Hakim said, “As we stress the inevitability and importance of elections, we must remember that there are periodic meetings of the presidencies, and there are continuous meetings of the leaders of political blocs, and there are daily meetings of important and sensitive joints in the state, and everyone calls for reform and change,” wondering: Where is the defect then? .. Why is not speed in decision-making? .. Why is there no boldness in implementation and follow-up?

He explained, “All this because there is no specific party responsible, and everyone is trying to evade responsibility for failure or error.”

He warned that “if this political system continues in its consensual language, generalizing failure and not specifying the responsible party, it will inevitably collapse, and I warn of its collapse if there are no serious and responsible treatments.

He stressed that “the National Wisdom Movement, through its electoral alliance (the coalition of national state forces), bears a great national responsibility in facing the obstacles of the political system and working to develop it.

The head of the National State Forces Alliance continued: “I reiterate my previous calls for the brothers in the neighboring countries, led by Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt and other countries in the region to sit at a serious dialogue table in the service of the interests of our peoples in their present and future.

He pointed out, “We are facing an important and decisive stage in Iraq’s modern history, either a strong country and a bold government capable of achieving the aspirations of Iraqis, or we will face an unknown future that exposes everyone to real dangers.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency